Instructions for Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are an important aspect of the congress program. Each day approximately 450 posters will be displayed in the congress hall. The audience will circulate among the posters, which are grouped together thematically.
The maximum size of your poster should be 115 cm height and 183 cm width in landscape format (as shown on the picture below). This informal type of presentation provides opportunities for the audience and participants to interact. Poster presentations provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas that is not always possible in oral sessions.

The posters are to remain up during the entire day they are scheduled, and presenters are asked to make themselves available for questions during the coffee breaks.
The posters should be mounted in the morning before the program starts and all presenters are expected to mount their posters in time. Your poster should be attached on the surface by material provided by the congress staff. There will be volunteers on hand to assist, and pins will be available for mounting the posters.