First Announcement Keynote Speakers


We can now gladly present the first Keynote Speakers. So far the following distinguished scientist has accepted to give addresses at the Congress.

Professor Elisabeth Loftus, University of California at Irvine, USA. Professor Loftus is a main player in the science of eyewitness testimony and her provocative talk will be about “Beasts in the Memory Zoo”… about manufacturing memories.

Professor Gerhard Andersson, Linköping University, Sweden. Professor Andersson has made ground-breaking contributions on Internet therapy and will discuss the effectiveness and the cost-effectiveness of Internet treatments of both psychological and somatic problems.

Professor José Maria Peiro, University of Valencia, Spain. Professor Peiro’s research covers many central areas of work- and organizational psychology and his talk will be about the timely topic of psychosocial factors and well-being at work.

Professor Klaus Fiedler, University of Heidelberg. Germany. Professor Fiedler has made significant contributions in a variety of fields, such as language and cognition, inductive information processing, judgment and decision-making, emotion and cognition, person memory, and methodology.

Professor Elaine Fox, University of Essex, United Kingdom. Professor Fox is famous for her intriguing research on the role of cognitive biases in determining emotional vulnerability (anxiety and depression) as well as emotional resilience (well-being).

Professor Ernst Fehr, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Professor Fehr has demonstrated the important roles of altruism, fairness, human cooperation and sociality in human decision making, thereby showing the shortcomings of the basic assumption of material self-interest in economic theory.

The list of Speakers will be continuously.

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